Our Story

Why should you buy from Alipza Balms?
No artificial colours or fragrances. 
All products are cruelty-free.
No Nasty Chemicals 
 We don't use Parabens or any SLS in our products which can cause irritation and damage to your skin.
100% Natural Ingredients 
 We source only Natural or Organic ingredients as much as possible to give your skin the best care! Suitable for Vegetarians & I have many products which are Vegan Friendly too.
Purchase from our small business and join the cause to improving the carbon footprint!
Eco-Friendly Packaging
All packaging is 100% Recyclable. We aim for Bio Degradable/Sustainable materials where possible. Any material we may use such as bubble wrap/poly bags/jiffy bags are all reused materials from our suppliers.
Support a local small business
I hope you all love our products just as much as we love to make them. 
Why is Alipza Balms different?
Firstly the black and green logo - you would be surprised at how many people initially said to me "black for your logo? That's a bit dull for a beauty product" or "You should make it white". I remember smiling because I stuck out like a sore thumb. My logo tells a story, the leaf denotes my daughters love of nature and outdoors. The black and green combination is my interpretation of leaving behind a dark place I was once in and coming out the brighter side hence the green circle which is homage to my friends and community support. (Black is one of my favourite colours too!) I also knew I needed a name that was different, "Alipza" came to my mind effortlessly. It is a mix of my name and my daughters  name so this is where this comes from! I believe every seed planted gives life, it represents that only good can come from Nature and my daughter gives me the drive and passion to make Alipza Balms a success. I want to represent and embody the raw natural message. I want you to know what you are placing on your skin! I aim for minimal ingredients so that you can get the maximum potential from each product.
Let me take you back to May 2020 initial Lockdown during the Pandemic and panic buying at its peak! It was in August when my daughter had grazed her knee playing in the garden and my chemist and local stores had none of the creams left that I would normally use to heal the skin (the ones that were left on the shelves were too pricey). I resorted to making my own homemade remedy which is The Lavender Body Balm in my product range. This is a semi solid balm a little goes a LONG way. After applying to my daughters graze it healed the skin nicely over the few days. I was pleasantly surprised. I had £50 for a rainy day and I took the risk and ordered some ingredients in and made more of it. I distributed amongst friends and my neighbours. The feedback was positive and I was shocked and overwhelmed that this little pot of goodness made of just 4 natural, clean ingredients was an absolute gem! During the lockdown I was teetering on the brink of depression and returning to a dark place but I was adamant this time not to be sucked into the darkness. I had many a talks over the garden wall with my neighbour and she said "Alina I'd buy your balm, make more!"
It then got me thinking back to my early 20s when I was not happy with my rough skin. I have used and bought products from well known Big Brands and popular High Street Retailers and its crazy how many preservatives and parabens are included in their products that were quite harsh for me and clogged up my skin. After extensive research, lots of feedback and long hours brainstorming ideas, I have gone on to launch my Lip Balm Collection. In less than a year on, here I am from a small pot of Lavender Balm to an expanding product range of Skincare Products! I aim to release a few more products in the near future to complete the range. Alipza Balms offers a range of natural products for everyone to enjoy. I have always had a passion for Nature and the simplest things in life have always had me mesmerised. I believe strongly in Natural Pure Goodness for your skin.
Since the very first day of selling my Balms my customers are the absolute heart of everything I do. I am elated at the fact people from far and wide are telling me how much they love my products and they come back for more. Its been an overwhelming and emotional experience but I'm extremely grateful for every single order and customer satisfaction is important to me. I always think about how I would want to feel as a customer. A lot of time, effort and thought has been implemented into my brand image to make it the best possible customer journey from start to finish. I like to treat my customers with great respect and care. I compile amazing Customer Specials and Special Offers for my new and regular customers so please do keep a look out for these! I pack and seal every single product myself, I design the labels and more its just me! I try to ensure my small business reflects my true passion for nature and that you all continue to enjoy my products. Of course I cannot take all the credit, my daughter is an amazing little helper who is always intrigued by mummy's potions and is a dab hand at helping with the tin labelling but we really do appreciate EVERY single order we receive. So thankyou for supporting my small business. This really is a true story about a dream becoming reality.
Special thanks to my mum for always being there for me no matter what, even as I get older! She's my diamond! To all my friends who are just like my family, thankyou for all your support, feedback and encouragement for me to push my dream. You have never stopped believing in me.