My Vision

 First and foremost for you to love the skin you are in. Your skin is your identity, so stand proud! To look and feel good doesn't have to come at a big price tag. My passion for Nature and all things naturally beautiful shines through my products. My Therapy Boxes include Body Care Kits which reflect the battles of day to day life and the simple fact we all deserve a break from time to time. I have bespoke Chemotherapy Kits which reflect my experiences of losing someone dear to me and watching this illness affect lives but Cancer can't take away the memories. No illness can define your life story because memories live forever, remember this. 
What does the future hold?
Well, we never really know what tomorrow will bring but I do know I have set myself goals to expand my small business. I have every faith with the support of my customers and the boost from my daughter I know the sky's the limit. The ultimate dream would be to one day have my own store offering amazing discounts and a wide variety of Natural Skincare, Bath & Body Products.
Our Business Goals:
* Improve the Carbon Footprint *
We are passionate about looking after our planet, and we feel strongly about reducing plastic. We are a completely plastic free small business. We feel much more action needs to be taken to reduce the plastic waste but we are proud to be a part of a positive change and encourage others!
* Workshops *
In the future we aim to hold workshops teaching you how to make some of our products for you to take home! 
* Expanding my Brand *
We have had lots of interest for wholesale we would be more than happy to see our products placed on the shelves of other stores advocating the positive, natural, raw message as far as we can go!
* Customer Loyalty Scheme *
There will always be Customer Specials and Monthly Promotions for our new and existing customers to enjoy. We are also working on an exclusive VIP Loyalty Card Scheme for our regular customers to which you can take advantage of additional benefits, this will be released in the coming weeks. 
I am an aspiring Humanitarian and have a huge passion for helping others, so just before lockdown came in full force of the Pandemic since early 2020 I organised my own Facebook Platform named "Bee The Change". This is a personal project for my mission Africa where I have been collecting clothes, toys, educational books, basic necessities etc for children and families in need in West Africa. As well as my own local connections to The Gambia, I have also forged professional relationships with specific charities. I have arranged multiple successful shipments in 2020 which has helped many families.
* Helping those who need it the most *
As my small business grows my aim is to provide hygiene packs for children and families living in The Gambia on a regular basis. Basic hygiene is an issue and the lack of accessibility to the basics like soaps and clean water is heart-breaking. I know Alipza Balms can make a change here.
Thankyou for reading and I hope you will enjoy following my journey watching me and my small business grow.