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Hi! Thankyou for reaching this page. My blogs will contain many topics sharing my knowledge of subjects related to Nature, My Products, Skincare and Natural Ingredients. Most importantly I will be sharing blogs related to my personal experiences through life that caused me to have low self esteem and no confidence in myself at all. I hope that by sharing the positivity in this blog, it will uplift others. 
So here we are, my first blog! I thought I'd start by giving you a deeper insight into my passion for my own brand. I initially made The Lavender Body Balm because I couldn't afford the ointments in the chemist at the time. I want you to know how it really made me feel - not being able to afford those creams - a little hopeless, to be honest! I had to budget and prioritise for nappies and milk as I was travelling further distance to the shops due to panic buying at the start of the pandemic. I remember my friend saying to me later "why didn't you just ask me. I would have got the cream". I guess that in the moment you don't think but I'm quite a proud person and don't like to ask, as I am very independent. Its nice to know I have support and great friends but I also know that if I had never have made the decision to make the balm myself, I would not be sitting here typing this and sharing my life experience.
What I have found most rewarding and comforting throughout the whole process is knowing I am capable of many things. I am not academically a brainbox (so to speak) but I am extremely proud of the hard work and time I have put into my small business and there's no stopping me now. During my teenage years I was bullied a lot at school for my weight -, in fact it was a daily occurrence for many years.  Even though time is a healer, some things you just never forget, right? It was one of the worst times of my life. All the empowerment, the confidence, self esteem was non-existent. It felt like it took a lifetime to rebuild my identity and to truly love the person I am. There is no better feeling than believing in yourself and others backing you 100% because they have faith in YOU! Before becoming a mother, I found my happy place and I was able to love my skin, my body and own it!
Throughout my teenage life I aspired to become a defence barrister, but after years of being told I'd never get far by teachers in high school, or being advised not to take a certain course as I wouldn't be able to make the grades, I gave up on education. I already knew I would never be able to stick it out in college or uni. I have worked all my life in different industries which was a huge learning curve and I learnt some of the most valuable lessons from the jobs I have had. Nearly 15years on, I wonder if the bullies will be reading this, or the teachers who swore blind to me I'd be a failure for the rest of my life. The most important thing to remember here is that nobody can be you, and only YOU know your strengths, and so as difficult as it is at the time you have to try and focus on yourself.
Now over a decade on, I'm soo blessed for finding my brand - Alipza Balms, which reflects all the pain I have seen in life but also the fact that I choose to express the message in a positive light! I am grateful for all I have, but I am adamant that I will make a positive change and spread the good vibes. If I can reach out to one person, who tells another, who then tells another, that makes me extremely happy! Everyone is different and that is the beauty of the world. The message Alipza Balms screams out that it is living and breathing Nature, which translates into loving yourself for who you are!
The journey begins within you.
The Power is in You.

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